About ezdiquote

Disability insurance is what we do and we do it well.

Ezdiquote was initially developed in 1994; later becoming an online source where individuals could review and purchase disability insurance from an industry expert. As the business and our reputation grew, insurance carriers, agencies and advisors took notice – voicing their need for an unbiased, in-house disability insurance expert. In order to service more individuals, we created our Advisor Program.

Today, we strive to help clients find the best coverage to meet their needs. We believe that technology exponentially improves the insurance purchasing experience — but technology has not (yet) replaced the human experience. We’re here to provide the best of both worlds: enough technology to improve your experience with enough human guidance to ensure you’re purchasing a comprehensive policy.

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Secure your income

Why do we protect our homes, our cars and our health but not our incomes? After all, our income makes all those other things possible. That’s a gamble no one need take.


Disabilities happen, an illness or injury can prevent someone from working and generating an income – resulting in lost income and burning through savings and retirement accounts. But the bills don’t stop, if fact they are likely to increase. People in this situation struggle to keep up with the bills and maintain their lifestyle.


Disability insurance secures your income and protects your lifestyle.

You've got options

Having options when selecting and tailoring disability insurance to suit your needs is important. We manage every case individually and we’re here to provide you with the information and advice to make the best choices for you. Protecting your income and your financial future should be “EZ.”